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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Scorch is accepted

Scorch is now 20 days out from his ordeal.  As you can see from the picture his face is about healed.  The burns on his face are all that is left.  He is just getting medicine on this face.  The vet is not sure if the hair on his face will grow back but his whiskers are.  He has finally been accepted by all the other cats.  Tonight will be the first night he gets to sleep with the big cats.

He is adorable but quite fisty.  That wildness comes out sometimes but between me, my family and four adult female cats, he is learning!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Scorch Continues Making Improvement

Little Scorch continues to improve.  Burns are a dynamic injury.  This means that his wounds keep changing.  His ear is now open so that needs treatment.  The burns on his face are healing.  He still has a large burn that has to have a hot compress twice a day.  His feet still need hydratherapy and he is still on antibiotics and gets covered in ointment twice a day. 

The last two days he has been very active.  Today he went to the vet and has gained a pound in the last week. :O)   Also Sissy, the boss cat, is getting along with him fine.  The other three girls don't feel the same way. 
He is much happier this week.  He loves us all now and has stopped hissing.  Although he had no problem hissing at the vet this morning!