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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tilly's Story

"While they munched on grass, Tilly and the deer talked about how the humans use fire to control the tall grass, called the scrub, in the park. 
Tilly explained to the deer how fire plays a major role in keeping the parks’ ecosystem healthy and how it helps remove species of plants that don’t belong here.  “Did you know our friends, the scrub jays, depend on the fire to survive?”
They all agreed that fire helps bring the land back to the way it is suppose to be.  Tilly and the deer agreed that it gives all the animals more to eat."
Did you know that most of the fire damage that you see in parks was intentially burned?  Called Prescribed Burning, fire plays a key role in the health of our national, state and local parks.  Animals, like Tilly the gopher tortoise, can't survive for long periods of time without fire.  Check back to see how Mrs. Coyote is doing preparing her family for a prescribed burn.

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