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Friday, January 7, 2011

The Earl of Trout Creek

Basking in the sun, he guarded his corner.  All he needs to do is simply come out of the water and lay there, his corner is guarded.  The Earl’s territory is a tight L curve in Trout Creek, a small creek off the Hillsborough River. 
He welcomed in New Year’s Day 2011 warming his large body in the sun.  Three kayaks were coming up the creek right at him.  Suddenly they stopped and began to paddle backwards.  He could hear them trying to guess how long he is, 12 maybe 13 feet.  They kept making comments about what a big and beautiful alligator he is, just laying there in the sun.  They kept their distance and just turned around leaving him undisturbed.
He closed his eyes and smiled.
We had just met "The Earl of Trout Creek."

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