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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scorch's Progress

Well little Scorch was burned much worse than it initially appeared.  By Sunday morning that was apparent.  You can see his face was burnt under the fur.  By Monday, he stopped hissing all the time.

It is now Wednesday and the fur has now begun to fall off.  He is such a trooper as evidenced by him playing with the mouse toy.  He gets water run over his paws and for what we can, his face, twice a day with cream applied afterwards.  He’s on antibiotics and is eating really good.  He has special litter called Yesterday’s News that does not get in his paws and he lives in the guest bathroom when we are not holding him.   He has pulled the burned hair off his back and we are thankful that the worst burnt paw is passing it’s worse part.  He is blistered on all four feet so he will lose the cover of all of his other pads just like the one that was closest to his face.   The burns on the rest of his paws are not as deep as the left front one so we are hopeful they will not get as bad as it has.

Come back regularly and check his progress. 

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