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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

The Eagles Forest - The Great Horned Owl

If you follow my stories, you will learn that the Great Horned Owl is always the character that goes off on the humans.  In Tilly's story, the owl is upset about humans trashing the park.  In the Eagles Forest, well here is an exerpt from the story. 
The great horned owl let out a big sigh.  “Justice is right. We need to try and stop whatever it is the humans are trying to do.  We have watched them plow up trees all around here and plant farms and build houses.  We have sat by and done nothing.  Well it has to stop.  They have pushed us all into this small tract of land.  It has come to the point where the eagle and owl are asking each other for ideas to help.  That’s just wrong.  If we had enough land and trees for all of us, that had not been tore down, turned over and hauled off, this would not be a problem.  Everyone think about this tonight, and we’ll talk with Justice again tomorrow.  If anyone has any ideas, please bring them.” 
With that some owls flew away into other trees to wait for darkness to arrive.  Others stayed to discuss the situation.
Justice and Liberty flew back to their nest tree for the night.  First thing in the morning, they would go to talk to the birds that live on Bird Island.
The drawing is from Tilly's story.

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