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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Eagles Lifespan

After researching many sources I found that bald eagles can live up to 30 years in the wild.  In Florida, it is currently breeding season.  Typically eagles lay their eggs from late November through February.  Right the eagles I know are all on the nest.  The eagles in this picture are not Justice and Liberty.  This pair live at Circle B Bar Reserve in Lakeland Florida.  Look closely and you will see one is on the nest in the middle of the tree and the other is on the branch on the right side of the tree. 

Justice and Liberty also are on the nest right now, as well as the eagles at Honeymoon Island, the pair at I75 and 301 and the pair on 41 near Cockroach Bay Preserve.   Remember the preface to The Eagles Forest, it's always important to protect nesting birds near your home.  While the eggs are incubating (about 35 days) it's important to leave the eagles alone.  Sitting on a nest all day, especially in the cold, is stressful.

These pictures were taken from far away with a zoom lense.  We were hiking down a trail and looked up and there they were.  What do you think we should name them?

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